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Heartwarming / Titans (Rebirth)

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  • The original Teen Titans remembering Wally West - one by one, each Titan regains their memories & the reader sees the first memory that each person recalled - Roy hanging out with Wally in his apartment; Donna & Wally playing pranks on Roy; Lilith & Wally's former relationship; Wally assuring Garth that he's not an outsider & the Teen Titans will always have his back; and Dick & Wally going for a joyride in the Batmobile.
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  • Titans #5 features Wally West trying to save the lives of Linda Park & the rest of the Titans, who are in four different spots in the United States. Even though he's very much aware of what can happen when a speedster runs too fast and that Linda may never feel the way she once did for him, Wally considers the risk worth it to save six of the people he cares about the most in the world.
  • Titans #7: Pre-52 Wally finally chatting with Pre-52 Superman, who tells him that while it's sad Linda didn't recognize him, "but the potential for love and life is still there," before adding, "Hey, it may be hard. It may take determination. But you can outrun Superman. I don't think there's anything too difficult for you."
    • (Wally's shocked reaction finding out Superman has a son counts, too.)
    • The burgeoning re-romance between Roy and Donna, with Donna giving him a peck on the cheek and delighted she managed to shock him into silence.
    • The return of Titans Tower, courtesy Superman and friends.