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Heartwarming / The Black Sheep Dog Series

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Spoilers Off applies to all Heartwarming pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

In The Black

  • In chapter 6, when everything seems bleak for Sirius, Regulus comes in to bring him some food and pulls him into a hug.
  • Also in chapter 6, Lily's letter to Sirius.

Black Mask

  • Lucretia managing to cheer up Regulus when she comes to the flat in chapter 16.
  • Orion brushing and braiding his wife's hair at the end of chapter 22, and encouraging her to be more gentle with her children, in a rare moment of tenderness.
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  • The after-dinner conversation between Sirius and his father in chapter 26 is probably one of the very few in the series that didn't end in a fight or hostile banter. Far from it, Orion assures Sirius that he's not a terrible brother to Regulus, that he's too young to live in regret, and that Sirius still has the chance to make amends if he does believe that he's somehow been deficient. When the two parted afterwards, the atmosphere is almost affectionate.
  • Orion finally having an overdue heart-to-heart with Regulus, giving him a much-needed hug, and staying by his son's side when he needed him the most.
    Regulus: (trying to convince his father to return to the family Christmas party he's hosting) The whole family is there. You're needed!
    Orion: The only place I'm needed is here.

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