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Heartwarming / Tentai Senshi Sunred

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  • Episode 26 of Season 1. Essentially the setup is that General Vamp and his goons are in a bar on the night before Christmas Eve, when they notice Kayoko there with her friend, with Kayoko wondering if she should break up with Sunred over the various issues of their relationship. When her friend tells her that if she did, he would have to stop playing hero and get a real job, Kayoko quickly turns around the situation. She admits that yes, Sunred is a jerk, and he doesn't help around the house, and he doesn't have a normal job, but that's because he has "the blood of a Hero flowing through him", and that he does the thankless job of keeping the world safe from villains. General Vamp chimes in, saying that despite his boorish behavior, Sunred never misses an appointment with them, and that when he yells at them for their idiocy it's usually justified. With new confidence in her boyfriend, Kayoko walks home to find...Sunred in a suit, coming home from a job interview. He didn't get the job, but he tried to anyway, because he wanted to make Kayoko happy. Cue them walking home together in the falling snow.
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  • Episode 26 of Season 2 is equally as heartwarming.
  • Sunred might be mooching off of Kayoko but when he actually wins at pachinko he always takes her out on a fancy dinner.

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