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Heartwarming / Storm of Souls

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  • The first thing Samet does when he's given Ethan as a slave is give him food. He also refuses to make Ethan sleep in the cage even though it means Samet will be less comfortable at night.
  • When Ethan has nightmares, Samet makes him tea and comforts him, using magic to help him sleep.
  • Since setting Ethan free isn't an option, Samet takes Ethan with him instead of doing his usual traveling alone rather than leave him behind and in danger.
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  • Samet is about to kill Sir Vincent, who has just come very close to fatally stabbing him. A single 'no' from Ethan is enough to get Samet to stand down.
  • The only way Ethan can sleep peacefully is to sleep next to Samet. Despite the fact it often means Samet has a sleepless night, Samet lets him.
  • When Samet tells Ethan his true name. He's trusting Ethan with the power to turn him into a slave or to stop his heart. The only time Ethan ever uses this power is to counter someone else's attempt to control Samet.
  • The reveal that Varorgirin genuinely cares about Samet and has been protecting him.
  • Samet allows Robert to take him prisoner for no reason other than Robert is Ethan's brother and thus he doesn't want to harm Robert.
  • After Ethan reveals how Samet helped him, Tabitha hugs Samet.
  • When Ethan is having a PTSD episode, Tabitha wastes no time going to get Samet. All she has to say to Samet is that Ethan needs him, and Samet casually sweeps his guards out of the way to follow her.
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  • The reunion between Sir Jakob and Ethan.
  • Upon realizing his father intends to hurt Margaret and Justin, Samet shields them with his own body and takes a near fatal sword wound
  • When he learns the feelings Samet has toward Ethan are mutual, Robert becomes completely accepting of their relationship and welcomes Samet to the family.
  • Samet allows his hand to be cut off rather than risk Robert's children coming to harm. Later, when Samet requests one last chance to talk sense into his father, Robert gives him that and even hopes he succeeds.
    That boy let his hand be cut off rather than risk harm to my children. The least I can do is let him talk to his father. Maybe… Maybe Samet’s right, and the man that raised him is still in there somewhere.”

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