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Heartwarming / Pokémon Black & White: Tale of a Legend

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  • Hugh asks Grunge to work with him and his old teammates one last time... and Grunge says yes.
  • Rickie's amazement when he first sees the outside world.
  • Volan adopting the Sandile that defeated him and Bernice years ago. He doesn't hold any hard feelings against it, understanding that Rudy was only following its trainers orders. Doubly so when Rudy tells Pikachu that his trainer was cruel and abandoned him, making it all the sweeter.
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  • During the time-travel misadventure:
    "You and I are going to go help my friend," Bernice explained with surprising calm.
    "Friend?" asked the First Bird Pokemon quizzically, hearing the word for the very first time in his life.
    "Someone who you like, someone you enjoy being around," Bernice explained further. "Now hop on! You can't fly, so I'll carry you on my back."
    "But why is grey feathered flier asking me to come along?" demanded the Archen, waving his arms impatiently. This strange Pokemon raised so many more questions than she answered!
    Bernice smiled as, somehow, she figured out why she had invited her much younger – and technically, much older – cousin along.
    "Because you're also my friend," she said simply.
  • Another one for Bernice and Petrie:
    "A-Aken?" squawked Petrie, a little shakily. "We family?"
    "Quill, Trranquill!" affirmed Bernice, nodding. "Yes, we're a family. We love each other and look out for each other."
  • Volan gets a hug from Caitlin! And suddenly, he's not cold any more.
    • It's also cute how the normally-shy Victini wants to become visible and say hello, right before this moment.
  • Victini's cheering up of Mistral.
  • Unexpected, but not altogether unwelcome: Pterano's attempt to encourage Volan.
  • Volan heals Ulna after catching her. He warns her the medicine might sting, but Victini and Mistral say something in Pokéspeech that makes her feel better.
  • Sapphire's celebration with mom and dad... who then want to hug, thank, and adopt Volan.
  • "You didn't simply get your Pokémon back – they came back to you. They wanted to be with you again so badly that they pitched in to make sure I was defeated."
  • Sol is very happy when he hatches and sees his buddy the White Hero -happy enough to instantly claim a spot on his shoulder.
  • Bernice's final evolution causes her to become aloof around the rest of the team. Once this is brought to her attention, she swallows her pride and asks for their forgiveness... which they're glad to grant.
    • And then they all start talking about how they love their Trainer, and they swear to stand together as a team that'll crush anything in his path.
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  • Mom! You're not dead!

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