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Heartwarming / Miraculous Ladybug vs. the Forces of Evil

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  • When Marco and Star meet Marionette for breakfast, she's introduced to MARCO'S SUPER AWESOME NACHOS! Which she says she loves!
  • Star makes friends with the classmates for various reasons. Whether it's standing up to Chloe, or bonding over similar situations with her wand, or showing off her magic, she eventually began to worm her way into their hearts.
  • Marco and Star's calm and loving way they break the fact that they know Mari's secret identity to her.
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  • Marco and Marienette's "date". Bonding over their shared social nervousness, and ending in a kiss!
  • Surprisingly, this one is for the villains. Despite Ludo having some...reservations about Hawkmoth's mental sanity, when their plan succeeds, Hawkmoth proves to be a man of his word and then some. After getting what he wanted, Hawkmoth then shares some magical energy with his partner, giving Ludo a power up. And Ludo even thanks him for it!
    Hawkmoth: (Smiles) The pleasure is all mine.
  • As the final battle rages, Marinette gets saved from Ludo's spider by Kim and Ivan. Why? Because she'd done so much for them that despite the Broken Masquerade, they'll still stand up for her.
  • With the final battle now over, Chapter 17-Just Friends is a ball of heartwarming as friends and enemies reconcile and grow.
    • Master Fu and the students of Paris all assuring Star that they hold no ill will towards her actions as an akuma.
      • Ivan even gives her a forgiveness hug to assure her that it all will be okay again.
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    • Nino and Adrian reconcile after their rift earlier in the fic.
    • Chloe and Alya come to comfort and apologize to Marinette for so much. Both even recognize that they aren't worthy yet to be a new ladybug.
    • Star and Marco finally get to affirm that they want to stay together.
      • Star even gives the still unconscious Marco an apology kiss. It's all the cheesiness of an old school movie, but still adorable.
    • Marinette and Adrian's talk.
      • Adrian first fully saying that despite the lie, he'd much prefer the uncle he grew up with to the father who became his enemy.
      • Then he encourages Marinette that he is still worthy of being Ladybug.
      • And finally, the conversation every Miraculous Ladybug fan would eventually want: Marinette and Adrian talking about them being in love with an alter ego and not knowing it.
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    • Star hugging all the main characters at once after they hash out their love lives.
  • Master Fu actually decided to offer the moth miraculous to Marco! A near stranger at first, and after everything, the master trusts him to hold onto a power to stop evil.
  • The goodbyes as Star and Marco head home.
  • The new status quo that Marinette and Adrien now live in: now they're both loved not just for their looks or personality, but because they saved the world. Nowhere is this more evident than at the very end, when they fully get support and cheers when they run off to stop crime.
  • Jackie turns out to have developed feelings for Nathaniel who can't believe his good luck!

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