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Heartwarming / Mafalda

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  • Mafalda's dad, the 'terrorist for happiness'.
  • Manolito is moved to tears when the other kids congratulate him for his commitment to his dream.
    Manolito: *pushes all of the others* YOU MOVE ME, STUPIDS!!
  • This exchange between Susanita and Mafalda:
    Mafalda: How can we be friends, when we can't stand each other?
    Susanita: Well, between you and a complete stranger... I'd rather spend the rest of my life not standing you.
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  • Guille talking to Mafalda about his loneliness.
    Guille: Mafalda, everyday, when you go to school... what do I do with the little hole inside me when you're not here?
    (Their parents turn on the lights and find them hugging and crying)
  • Mafalda asks Manolito about his drugstore's whiskey. Manolito starts by assuring her it's inexpensive, then says it's not very good, and finally caves in and admits it's not even whiskey. His thoughts as Mafalda leaves, enraged, are what makes this heartwarming:
    Manolito: Business is business, but friends are friends.

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