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  • Mafalda's jetpack.
  • Mafalda's successful guerilla tactics to get her dad to buy a TV.
  • Miguelito asks Manolito his opinion about where do babies come from.
    Susanita: Ha! Look at who you're asking! Those subjects are too deep for this moron!
    Manolito: ... Frankly, Miguelito, birth and death don't concern me. I'm interested in life, not in its ends. (leaves)
    Miguelito: (to Susanita) HA!
  • Guille manipulating Mafalda to lick his soup spoon.
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  • Raquel managing to get Mafalda to voluntarily eat her soup.
    Mafalda: Soup in summer! Who even thinks about making soup in summer? Only you would make soup in summer!
    Raquel: Am I original or not?
    Mafalda: This one for being an idiot (glub), this one for giving arguments to the enemy (glub), this one for not knowing what to say (glub)...
  • After Libertad mentions she used to see turtles at the zoo when she was little, Mafalda's dad mockingly says "When she was small? HA! When she was small! And what are you now?" Libertad counters with this:
    Libertad: Oh no, I already know how these things end. From the height subject, we end up going to the age subject, and then I'll have a reason to leave you depressed, so we better... stop here, ok?

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