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Heartwarming / Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

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  • When Manny and Ellie's daughter Peaches, is born. This even brings Diego to tears.
    • This is especially emotional when you remember what happened to Manny in the past, losing his first mate and their child. Now he has a new mate and child and gets to be a loving husband and father once again.
  • Scratte ends up falling for Scrat for real after she thinks he saved her from falling into the lava pit. She's so touched that Scrat did this for her despite their rivalry over the acorn, and she falls in love with him as a result. At first, Scrat intended to save both Scratte and the acorn, and then run away with the acorn. But after seeing the look of gratefulness and love on Scratte's face, he changes his mind. They even forget about the acorn so that they can officially focus on their love for each other.
    • As a bit of a Fridge Heartwarming, Scrat never lets go of Scratte as he's hanging from the cliff, showing that he cares for her despite everything she put him through. And deep down, Scratte cares for him, too.
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    • The Falling-in-Love Montage of the two squirrels is especially heartwarming because it's possibly the only sequence in the entire franchise where Scrat is genuinely happy for once, and doesn't get hurt in any shape or form.
    • What's also sweet is that at first, Scratte attempted to seduce Scrat so she can trick him and take his acorn. But after Scrat seemingly saves her, this time Scratte doesn't trick him: She's falling in love with him for real.
  • The relationship between Manny and Ellie as a whole. Shows they've come a long way since the previous film. Manny has been able to move past losing his first wife and their child and is now happily married to Ellie now and is going to have another calf.
  • Buck being accepted into the herd after Rudy seemingly falls to his death. But it turns out Rudy had survived so Buck returns to the valley, but not before he and Diego bid farewell to each other.
    Buck: Take care of them, tiger.
    • Even though he decided to return, Buck is still shown on their family ice mobile, still considered part of the herd. If he ever wants to come back to the surface, he's got a place.
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  • The rest of the group pursuing Sid into the land of the dinosaurs, especially considering that Diego is set to leave the herd entirely immediately before. In a similar vein, Diego's first response to Buck's "Sid beat the dinosaur with broccoli" theory is pointing out that Sid's not violent (or physically capable of doing that), is pretty sweet.
  • Ellie was determined to save Sid from the Dinosaur World, far more than the rest of the main herd. While their interactions have been scarce, it is a clear sign that she loves the sloth like family. It is important to note that she doesn't tease him as much as Manny and Diego do.
  • Sid petting the eggs with him having the shadow of a pregnant mother on the back of a cave... you watch him and when the general hilarity wears off, you realise just how much he loves children, despite his looks and intelligence being a real put-off to girls. He loved little Roshan in the first Ice Age and he hasn't stopped now. Everybody, awwww...
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  • Diego realizing that he belongs with the Herd and patching things up with Manny.
    Manny: I know this baby thing isn't for you. But whatever you decide to do...
    Diego: I'm not leaving, buddy. Life of adventure, it's right here.
  • Manny apologises to Ellie for endangering her and their unborn baby. Ellie assures him it's not his fault. Manny says that he should have been a better friend to Sid. Buck abruptly pops up to point out that Manny is risking his own life and his family's lives to save him.
    Buck: Not the best husband or father but a darn good friend.
  • Momma T-Rex and Sid eventually coming to a truce of sorts and their parting on friendly terms.


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