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Heartwarming / Fifth Pierrot

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  • Ney and Lemy's relationship as it progresses through the novel, starting out with him afraid of her and her frustrated with his stupidity, and ending with him finally remembering everything of himself as Pollo, and taking his place back with Arte as his twin. The way she seeks to take care of him throughout the novel, even saving his life, is also kind of sweet, particularly as it means Ney got to be the big sister to Lemy that she'd always wanted to be when she was still alive.
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  • Julia's genuine maternal love for Lemy as well. She even mentions in her monologues that her purpose is to spread evil and mayhem to destroy the gods—yet she still wanted friends and a child. Even though their relationship is twisted, she's still deeply proud and protective of him, to the point where she's heartbroken when he's taken from her.
  • Germaine seeing the current state of Lucifenia before dying peacefully is this and a Tear Jerker.
  • Gumillia and Elluka's relationship, especially after The Reveal. Gumillia admits she knew Elluka was Levia all along, and had vowed to seal her should she remember who she is. She can't do it, and after she falls into the Hellish Yard, decides to keep waiting for "Elluka" to come fetch her.

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