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  • In Chapter 1 of the manga Patalliro basically forgives Jada for his trickery, promising him that his family would be cared for. (Though he wants him to testify against the minister.)
  • In the anime, episode 1 Patalliro is seen comforting Jada after the trick is revealed. He doesn’t even seem to be holding a grudge, even letting Jada hug him. [[spoiler: Then it’s revealed that Jada was one of the people who tried to shoot him.]
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  • While Patalliro rejects it, it was sweet of Ban to try and comfort him after Jada is taken away.
  • Despite being annoyed, Bancoran does try to offer condolences to Patalliro when his father dies in both the anime and the manga.
  • In Chapter 3 of the manga there is a scene filled with this and a few moments of awesome; first, Bancoran flies all the way from the London just to save Patalliro, all because he was ‘acting weird’ on the phone. Doubles as a moment of awesome as he arrives in the nick of time. Considering their relationship at this point was very antagonistic, this is very heartwarming of the agent. Patalliro then returns the favor as he saves the agent who is about to be poisoned during an act of seduction. He does this using the same syringe that was used to poison him in the first play and trowing it like a knife. *After the enemy is knocked Bancoran then picks up Patalliro and cradles him.
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  • In the anime Patalliro ruins this scene, but even then you can hear the relief in Bancoran’s voice as it breaks a little. He really does care.
  • Chapter 4: We find out Patalliro is going to meet his mother. Throughout the chapter you can see how much he obviously loves her. He’s bashful and shy just talking about seeing her, and when he does see her he’s on his best behavior.
  • There’s also something heartwarming about the fact she KNOWS this, but also knows his true nature. *Not to mention Estrange is the ONLY person to speak kindly of Patalliro.
  • YMMV as this is a bit squeamish, Estrange remembers how fondly she loved her husband despite the 30 year difference.
  • Patalliro wanting to show Bancoran his family album. While could be narcissism, it also be shown as him opening up to his only “friend” in the world. They clearly start to have fun with him and even playfully tease him a bit. It’s a sweet moment of all three enjoying themselves.
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  • Ch 8: A small thing, but the faith Patalliro’s family has in him can be seen as sweet. When their daughter is kidnapped they contact him immediately and he doesn’t even hesitate to do all he can for his cousin.
  • Madeline and Patalliro seem to have a decent relationship which is sweet considering Patalliro is who he is.
  • Madeline still has the cockroach doll Patalliro made for her (even if it is stuck in a corner).
  • We see a flash back to a little Patalliro doing a little dance for his cousin which he she really seemed to enjoy.
  • Ch 9: Patalliro lends his friend Christian a VERY important jewel just so he can help his sister Koko see snow again. Even though this backfires, it’s very sweet of Patalliro.

  • Ch 11: After Bancoran is shot and missing, Maraich is panicking, but Patalliro remains calm; why? Because he knows that it’ll do no good and instead puts his energy into finding the guy who shot his friend.
Ch 11 is littered with cute moments between Maraich and Patalliro.
  • Ch 25: It’s supposed to be a joke, but since we’re reading about Patalliro’s son it means the main character actually found someone to love and had a child with them.

  • Ch 28: Despite Patalliro being a jerk in this chapter it’s shown he really does care for Plasma X. He even goes to a dangerous place to build him a girlfriend.
  • In the same chapter, despite being cursed with a fever the chief of police still tried to go and save Patalliro. (It fails, but the heart was there.)
  • After the rescue Patalliro is genuinely touched.
  • YMMV but the Tamanegi using guilt Plasma X into saving Patalliro can be seen as this.

  • CH 30: Bancoran is seriously worried about Maraich in this chapter and is even admits he’s thankful for Patalliro’s help, even promising to buy him catnip later. He even follows through on it.

  • CH 31: Estrange calls baby Patalliro her treasure in a flashback. It’s also revealed that she created the Tamanegi to look after him and help him grow into a normal person as her husband’s old and her body’s weak.
  • There’s also something sweet about the fact all the Tamanegi take what is a VERY thankless job seriously and are PROUD to do it.
  • Patalliro could have reported 21 to the other tamanegis, but instead he decides to handle the situation himself. He then wins 21 over by showing that he’s actually honorable and respectable as a king (to a point). The chapter ends with the two playing marbles together.
  • Hell, everything about Patalliro and the Tamanegis are heartwarming. While there’s definitely some antagonism between them at times (though it’s never anything major), the Tamanegis practically raised Patalliro and understand him better than anyone. They’re comfortable enough to all joke around like family, play with him, and are always there to help when needed.

  • 35: Maraich points out that despite their arguing and fights Patalliro and Bancoran really are close. (They deny it like Tsunderes however.)
  • The love Nikola’s family has for him. Both the father and the brother went to great lengths to save him.
  • Patalliro offers comfort in the end to the family after Philip is killed.
  • Even though the agents see someone who looks like Ban shoot them, not one believes that Bancoran is a traitor or the attacker.

  • 36: Maraich is nervous about having a baby—who does he go to? Patalliro who spends the chapter trying to comfort him (when he’s not being Patalliro.)
  • Bancoran makes it clear that no matter what, he loves Maraich and wants to have a child with him.

  • 37: This chapter focuses on the relationship between Tamanegi 16 and Patalliro. So naturally, there’s tons of little moments;
    • There’s even a tiny scene where 16 holds Patalliro’s hand as they walk.
    • While doubling as a moment of funny, 16 playing with Patalliro as a puppy is cute.
    • After going to town, Patalliro refuses to listen and almost gets shot. 16 saves him of course, but is injured.
    • Patalliro tries to return the favor by carrying 16 by himself back to the farm house. He asks for bandages and medicine, but there’s none there so he decides to get some from the future.
    • When he and a few other Tamanegis return to fight, 16 only cares about Patalliro getting to safety.
    • Patalliro insists on returning to save 16 who stayed behind to help Jene.
    • After pushing the army back, Patalliro and 16 are reunited. Patalliro is relieved to see him safe.
    • Then when 16 decides to stay behind, Patalliro accepts it gracefully and gives the man his blessing.
    • In the end 16 carves his eternal loyalty into the tree for the young king for all of history to remember.
  • When the Tamanegi hear 16’s hurt they all go back to help him.
  • 21 returns! And is ready to help his king. He insists that Patalliro stays behind, but Patalliro’s having none of that.
  • There also something sweet about Patalliro refusing to abandon the rebels.

  • 38: Patalliro remembers that 8’s mother is sick and immediately has the pretty boy of the day Robbie cure her. It may be a money scheme, but it’s still sweet he remembered and actually listened to his guards talk about their problems.

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