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Headscratchers / The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?

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  • What sort of whackadoodle carnival is this? It has an established nightclub and strip joint and appears to be completely permanent. While carnivals in olden times may have had burlesque shows, I doubt that was the case in the mid-1960s (even 'Freak Shows' were dying out by then). A carnival, by definition, is a temporary thing that travels from town-to-town. THIS "carnival" is a completely-permanent Amusement Park (In this case, The Pike) with a permanent nightclub strip-joint called "The Hungry Mouth" and the radio announcer talks about it like it's a regular, known establishment.
    • "The Hungry Mouth" wasn't at the carnival, but was close-by.
    • Being charitable with the assumption that the writer even took that into consideration, it could have been done to trade on the "seedier" reputation of carnivals (which, to be fair, still persists in some places to this day).
  • Estrella has the ability to predict the future, brainwash people into committing crimes, and transform men into zombies. She could easily use her abilities to gain power and wealth, but instead, she's a fortune teller who uses her abilities to avenge petty insults. Why didn't Estrella realize that she could use her abilities for far more ambitious ends?
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  • Why didn't Angela's mother and brother call the police when Jerry tried to strangle Angela? Why on earth did Angela's mother allow her to go looking for Jerry later that day? Wasn't she concerned about her daughter's safety?

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