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Headscratchers / The Accountant

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There are some parts of the story that need some clarification:

  • How could Wolff manage to be in the US Army, and what is his position/role in the US Army? Would US Army accept someone like him?
    • Given that his father lived under an alias (which could mean black ops) and they lived in various parts of the world, it could be he was someone highly placed in the military and was able to pull strings to get Christian accepted into the Army.
    • Actually even with quite a lot of clout it's unlikely his father could have gotten him into the military like that. Most likely he passed the exams and his dad simply told him to not mention his autism to anyone. There are persons with autism in the military but they tend to stay quiet about it since it attracts attention. High functioning autism is not automatically disqualifying from army service provided you can function properly in 99% of the typical settings for a soldier it all depends on the person. So while it would be unusual it wouldn't be without precedent to have such a person in the military.
  • What happened to Braxton, his brother, during this time? Has he been involved in a criminal world or worked as a mercenary?
    • This is speculation, but Braxton may have been in the military like Christian was, but he probably got disillusioned and ended up leaving after his father's death and brother's imprisonment.
  • After Wolff was transferred from Leavenworth to DC to help trace Al-Qaeda's source of fund, it was implied that he already understood forensic accounting. When was Wolff attracted to accounting?
    • Wolff was already excellent at math and puzzles. The kind of work he was doing for the United States was right up his alley. What Francis brought was that he helped him improve his social skills and gave him valuable advice on how to do his job and stay alive ("trust only one person and keep moving your ass around"). Regular legit accounting would have been a decent living but the kind of accounting he ends up doing was far more lucrative and interesting.
  • When Wolff was informed about Francis' death, it was said that he escaped, and in doing so he knocked a guard unconscious with a tumbler (which later explain why there was a dent in the tumbler). Why could he escape while also taking revenge on the Italian mafia? Was he recaptured before or after taking the revenge?
    • He probably could have escaped at any time (especially after being transferred to a lower security Federal Prison); he was staying in prison willingly to serve his sentence and eventually get released. Escaping prison is a crime and living on the run is difficult. He could go after the mafia while avoiding authorities because of his unique training and experience. It's doubtful he was ever recaptured.
      • So Wolff didn't escape prison but instead waited to be released in which he was informed about Francis' death during his release and as the reaction, he was angry to the point that he knocked guard(s) with a tumbler. Is my understanding true?
      • I meant that Christian was likely waiting to be released from prison (he may have gotten some kind of deal in light of his transfer to lower security) but when he heard that his friend and mentor was tortured and murdered, he escaped to settle the score then kept moving around and working. While he could have simply escaped sooner, it would have made things more difficult for him long term.