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  • While I was extremely saddened by Nate's death, did it somewhat bug anyone else about how out of character the events leading to his death were? With virtually no warning? I mean, did he actually die w/Sammy being the rational voice of reason? Really? Moretta getting out of the car, allowing him/Sammy to be surrounded by those thugs, then turning his back on them WHILE antagonizing them, went very much against what we know about Nate. He had JUST (previous episode) got on Sammy for trying to break into his own house. It was known that Alejandro was leaving Southland to focus on True Blood, but 1.did they HAVE to kill him? No transfer option? and 2.why have him act so out of character? Southland is by far one of the best shows on tv (yet another act of idiocy by NBC to cancel it for Jay Leno. dummies!), but this will probably bug me for a minute.
    • There's no doubt that Alejandro leaving forced them to write him out, but I think it was done to showcase the randomness of violence and potential danger of every situation for a cop in LA. It may have been a little out of character, but not too much. He didn't get out to start a fight, though he did open up the possibility of one.
  • The hell is up with the Tammi storyline? Woman whines 24/7 to her husband that he's not being "supportive enough" when he's buying her $2000 cameras and stuff; doesn't show an iota of support for his work schedule or the pressure he's under, she takes a former police dog (who's been through a nervous breakdown) on an unauthorized bust with no training for it and no insurance, she invites a stranger into the house to smoke pot with and he steals her laptop and camera, she cheats on her husband and ends up pregnant, she refuses to get a DNA test, and after all that SHE KICKS HIM OUT OF HIS OWN HOUSE? WHAT THE FUCK? Why didn't Sammy just tell her to pack up, get the fuck out, go live with her asshole of a boyfriend? It's his house. He can throw a brick through the window, kick the door down, set it on fucking fire if he wants to. This is by far the worst possible example of Abuse Is Okay If It Is Female On Male that I have ever seen.
    • I think that the abuse isn't supposed to be seen as OK - at least not from our point of view. But in-universe the same prejudices exist that mean that even Sammy at his angriest doesn't quite reach the proper level of outrage.
  • My Headscratcher is this: 'Why isn't this show more famous? It's way more dramatic and realistic than any of the other cop shows on TV *cough*CSI*cough*
    • I think part of it is the fact that it's so gritty. Southland isn't the kind of smart, sexy detective show that you can watch with the whole family, like Castle. The fact that Southland tries to capture the real police life and procedure means it's gonna be hard to swallow. If FX has taught me anything, it's that this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sons of Anarchy and Rescue Me's deliberate grittiness is a selling point that helps accrue fans. The difference between those and Southland is that police procedural is a saturated market. People looking for police shows can see 10 crappy-to-goods ones in the course of a week. The biggest selling point of Southland is its realism. Only so many people are REALLY looking for that. I do my best as a loyal fan and I try to introduce it to as many of my friends as I can. It's not hard to snag good mature people on the show.

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