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  • Tv show related because i never actually read the comic: Why is it Calista is sooooo sure she has Powers? I know she becomes Retro Girl later on but still, is she just a super delusional traumatized girl? or is it like the selection process gives her a "feeling"? the whole one RG dies the powers are passed to the chosen?
    • As far as can be determined, wishful thinking. There was, before her powers actually awakened, no evidence that she was a Power.
    • Well as far as I can tell her delusion came from her mother getting the crap kicked out of her by her father, not unlike real life cases plus I don't think she got R Gs powers I think she got Wolfes
    • She survives taking Sway, despite the fact that it has a 100% lethal effect on non-Powers.
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  • In the series, what is going on with Christian's seizures in Season 2? It looks like a start for an Aborted Arc.
  • In the series, why didn't Retro Girl warn Triphammer, the only person known to be able to handle the problem, about Supershock going senile? Or why didn't anyone even try using the Drainer to stop him?

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