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  • Lake Placid, New York is where the entire winter Olympic team trained. They have ski jumps there but they also have luge and bobsled tracks, speed skaters, downhill racers, cross-country skiers and biathletes. So why is everyone Eddie meets a ski jumper? The first woman he meets is a groupie similar to Susan Soranadon's character in Bull Durham who wants to sleep with local ski jumpers and seems to have a surprisingly large knowledge of that one sport when in reality patrons from her bar would be from all the other sports too. He goes to the sauna and the athletes there are ski jumpers as well. He bumps into Hugh Jackman who is also a ski jumper.
    • In the movie, Eddie trained at the Große Olympiaschanze in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Most of the action happens around the ski jumping hill for the sake of time and conservation of details.
  • It's fairly common knowledge to anyone with a casual knowledge of the Winter Olympics that the British are terrible at winter sports (except figure skating). When you watch the downhill races, it's either Alpine or Scandanavian countries taking the medals. The only time a British skier ever won a medal was a bronze in 2002 and he was disqualified for illegal substances. So why, then, would the British possibly be ashamed of Eddie the Eagle? How could that other athlete be that cocky in the first place as to consider his teammate an embarrassment? He's a British skier so he couldn't possibly have been in medal contention anyway.
    • Eddie was an outright amateur who got onto the team by his own efforts without the support of the British Olympic establishment. They were resentful at having to include him on the team and subsequently made it impossible for people like Eddie to ever represent the UK in the olympics.
      • Besides, while the Olympic Association might consider Eddie a terminal embarrassment, the British people have a beleaguered affection for him. He's like that strange cousin you only see every few years who always does stupid stuff but you can't help but love him because he's just too endearing.

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