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Headscratchers / American Odyssey

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Odelle and Aslam

  • Why is Odelle pushing so hard for Aslam to abandon his cultural roots and move a continent away? It is certainly a standard hero-tale trope that the good guys end up celebrating together in the end in some way, but this flies in the face of the fact that he has less opportunities in the USA than in Saharan Africa, paradoxically. For example, were he to become a brickmaker and bricklayer, he would develop the ability to work in the construction sector, which always needs raw materials of that kind - bricks, cement, and so on. But in the USA, endemic racial discrimination means that unless Odelle can get some heavy strings pulled, Aslam will be potentially stuck in sub-minumum wage restaurant or agricultural jobs with even less legal recourse than in Libya or Algeria.

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