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Headscratchers / A Bride's Story

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  • Is there a reason why Seleke still lives with her family, instead of moving with Yusuf when she married him (mind you this actually made me think Yusuf was Karluk's actual sibling, not Seleke, for years)? Nearly every other woman has to go live with their husband's family, including Karluk's other married sisters. I'd chalk it up to the women of this particular village being able to choose whether they'll live at home with their husbands or move in with their family, but it's kind of strange that it never comes up, since even Pariya, who presumably follows the same customs, implies she'll probably have to leave and move in with Umar eventually (that's why she hesitates at adopting a kitten).
    • Perhaps because of Seleke's family's position? I believe it was mentioned that Karluk and Seleke's father Akunbek has some sort of authority position in their village. Perhaps an exception was made because of the Eihon family's position that made it more a sign of stature for him to move in to her family home rather than her to his. Or perhaps Yusuf comes from a family of multiple sons who share a home, so he decided to move to his wife's home as a matter of having more space to raise his family.