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Receiver of Many

  • Aidon thinking that “planting asphodels in Persephone’s shrine” is a euphemism for something a bit more dirty…
  • When Persephone meets Charon for the first time, he doesn’t charge her for a ride on his boat. Aidoneus on the other hand always has to pay Charon despite being King of the Underworld and is flabbergasted by this.
  • Charon teasing Aidoneus about his earlier days in the underworld while giving him and Persephone a ride on his boat.
  • The joke Persephone made when she was about to go down on Aidoneus. Doubles as heartwarming when you realize that Persephone made Hades laugh for the first time in eons.
  • Hermes walking in on Hades and Persephone having sex. Cue the brain bleach!
  • Thanatos and Hecate bickering in the throne room.

Destroyer of Light

  • When Aidon was in the pomegranate grove with Persephone, he almost bit into a pomegranate to eat it. In his defense though, he’d never even seen a pomegranate before.
  • Hades choking Hermes after he delivers the annulment decree from Zeus. It seems a bit harsh, but given that Hermes is deathless, it’s still pretty humorous.
  • Askalaphos freaking out after witnessing Persephone eat a pomegranate.
  • The argument between Aidoneus, Demeter, and Hecate goes from being an argument to a fit of childish bickering and name calling. And poor Hermes! Every time he tried to calm everyone down, they just yelled at him to stay out of it.
  • Eris causing mayhem in Ephyra while its people are still under Hypnos' sleeping spell. This includes setting a fire, terrorizing the citizens, and making out with a random soldier
    Eris: But they taste so good when they're asleep!
  • The scene where Persephone splashes nectar on Apollo for being a jerkass
  • Aidoneus tells Persephone how Cerberus got his name
  • Aidon and Persephone decide to abstain until their heiros gamos. After a particularly saucy make-out session, Hades ends up dumping cold water on himself and sleeping on the couch.