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Tisiphone: I know you have your partner's best interest at heart, and I have no personal modesty at all. You could have come in and had popcorn for all it would have bothered me.
Mel[chior] opened his mouth and raised a finger.
Ravirn: Veto!

Ravirn: I bet you're right, Mel.
Melchior: When have I ever been wrong?
Allahan: I've got a list if you want it.
Ravirn: Actually, could you e-mail that to me?

  • In SpellCrash, Ravirn has to (effectively) travel directly into a computer system, rather than the usual digital connection. Then he runs into the security system, in the form of 'eScylla'. Ravirn and Melchior are all set to run, when (paraphrase):
    It came in closer... One nose leaned down close enough for me to touch it... Then it snorted and, finally, sneezed.
    Mel: Good one, Boss.
    Ravirn: That was the official security system determination that I am the funniest-looking Fury that ever lived and thus have full run of the place.
    Mel: Ohhh. That would explain things. And, frankly, I have to agree. You are one funny-looking Fury. The rest of them are kind of hot, and you're more— How should I put this?


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