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Funny / Ponyville Goes to the... Dragons??

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  • Spike's attempt to get a Canterlot royal guard off him manages to be this and a Moment of Awesome at the same time. Really, it has to be read to be believed.
    In her increasing confusion, Cynder glanced around at the other’s in the room, all of them as she saw were wearing the same shocked facial expressions; it took her a moment, but eventually she noticed that something was very much off. It seemed that of the original nine alabaster guards who’d come invading the party with Shining Armor, she could only readily account for eight of them still being present, four of them lying about unconscious around the room, and the other four standing rather close to either Spyro or Ember.

    “Why is everyone so quiet?” She pondered curiously, only to find out a second later.

    “SPIKE!” Twilight suddenly screamed from the top of the stairs, the lavender mare loudly shattering the reign of the awkward silence, and causing everypony else to cringe. “YOU JUST FIRE MAILED A MEMBER OF THE ROYAL GUARD!!

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