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  • The crew's reaction to finding out the hated palm tree is gone. They all start praying in gratitude to its departure.
    • And the start of the Captain's reaction to the disappearance: "All right. Who did it? Whooo did it?!"
  • Pulver's plan to stick a firework under the hated Morton as part of the crew's celebration when news of the War in Europe being over. The firework blows up Pulver's laundry room instead, spilling soap bubbles everywhere.
    • The officers' reactions. Both Doc and Roberts are understandingly concerned when the ship rocks, but when Pulver, without a care that he's just blown up his own laundry room, shows up covered in lather, it lightens the dim mood for both of them. Perhaps the funniest of all is the captain, who is visibly surprised and trying to keep his cool as he gets the report from one of the crew below. It's one of the few times when he is not being overly dramatic.
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  • Doc's handling of the long line of the crew who show up at his door every day trying to trick him into letting them off duty with a sick pass:
    Reber: Say, Doc, when I woke up this morning, I had...
    Lt. 'Doc': And remembered you were working cargo. Continue.
    Reber: [holds his side] Honest, Doc, I couldn't even straighten up! I guess it's the old appendix again, huh, Doc?
    Lt. 'Doc': That appendix of yours certainly gets around, Reber. Now it's on the wrong side. Two aspirin, marked for duty. Next.
    Reber: Aspirin!? For a floatin' appendix, Doc?
    Lt. 'Doc': Yes, it's the latest thing. I'll have one with you.
  • The scene of Doc and Roberts using their expertise to fashion a fake bottle of scotch so Pulver can impress a nurse he'd invited to the ship for a drink.
  • The Army MP trying to explain to Roberts - guarding the ship while the crew is on liberty - some of the more outlandish stunts the crew of the Reluctant are pulling off across the island.
    • Which is immediately followed by a drunk sailor driving a motorcycle off the pier, climbing back onto it, then walking back off the pier to get his motorcycle.
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  • Pulver whenever Roberts or Doc are saying things to get him riled up. It makes him loud and boisterous and occasionally makes him leave the room in a huff, which they use whenever they want the cabin to themselves.

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