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  • In Chapter 3 the racers get together for a tea party to assess the damage Turbo did to their game's programming. Ralph's name comes up in the discussion, and Marizpanne randomly suggests that they bake him a cake. What makes it funnier is that Vanellope takes the suggestion and sends Sour Bill scampering to the royal kitchens to tell the cooks to make him one: "Don't make him a chocolate cake, or I'll have their heads!"
    • In the same chapter, a five-year old gamer picks Marizpanne as an avatar and crashes her into a fondant tree. Marizpanne...takes it well.
    • Crumbelina then tells the story of the worst gamer Taffyta ever had: "I remember that Taffyta once had a terrible gamer. She was so sour after that day, her eight-day winning streak got blown to bits when her genius of a driver thought it was a great idea to drive like an old grandma!"
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    • Also, from Chapter 3, there's the hilarious manner in which The Swizz discovers Lemonetta Creameringue's track.
  • In Chapter 4, Vanellope chases down Felix and tackles him. She then demands the use of his apartment to that she and Ralph can have a cake party. No, she doesn't care what Felix has to say about that.
  • Crumbelina, Jubileena and Bubblebetty playing with their various costume changes in Chapter 8.

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