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Funny / Life in Manehattan

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  • Trixie organizes a victory parade and celebration following their victory over Nightmare Moon. She also declares her intent to start touring, "displaying the powers only the Element of Magic could possess!" Cue Twilight reminding her that she holds the Element of Laughter.
  • Orange Sherbet's attempts to reconnect with her Apple family heritage. This includes:
  • Trixie Vs Winona. All of it.
    • Highlights include: Her finding out that Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress the same way Wile Coyote does. Getting involved in a Tug of War. Going berserk and setting off thousands of fireworks and spells at Winona while The 1812 Overture plays.
  • Spike accidentally incinerates a large percentage of Blossomforth's flowers, causing her to go berserk and start chasing him with a broomstick.
  • When Daring admits it's her first time in Cloudsdale, Surprise shows up, blows a party horn in her face, sings a welcoming song, and then drags her onto a tour of the city. And she apparently does this to every first time visitor to the city.
  • Rainbow Dash's exaggerations of what could go wrong with Blossomforth and Fluttershy's performances at the Best Fliers Competition causes both of them and Twilight to Freak Out and stick their heads into a potted plant.
    • The ways the others get them out — Trixie causes miniscule damage to a book to snap out Twilight (who's able to identify the book by name and PAGE), Orange Sherbet attracts Blossomforth's attention with some flowers, and Spike's entrance into the room is enough for Fluttershy.
      • Speaking of which, unlike canon, Spike is a little freaked out by Fluttershy's attention.
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  • Trixie singing "I Feel Pretty" and Twilight, Octavia, Honey Do and Orange Sherbet's reaction's to Trixie's performance
  • Word of God states that Rarity became Queen of The Diamond Dogs after she was captured
  • Blossomworth being totally oblivious to the ponies who have been granting her favors and giving her things since she became the Element of Loyalty.
  • When Trixie is forced to leave and go back home with her mother, the rest of the Manehattan 6 comment on what they miss most about her. Spike finishes by saying he misses her hat.
  • When The Manehattan 6 arrive in Canterlot to try and find Trixie and bring her back. They stop at Twilight's parents home and while there see baby photos of her and Spike teases her. Only for her to turn the tables and bring up his including his first Nightmare Night costume in front of Octavia to his horror.
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  • When they first arrive Twilight dashes off to find Trixie only for Sherbet to ask if she knows where she lives. Twilight skids to a stop and sheepishly admits she doesn't.


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