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  • "This Land":
    • Every time John Kerry shows off his three Purple Hearts.
    • Kerry putting a brain in Bush's head, accompanied by the line "Sometimes a brain can come in quite handy" and the headline "Big Story: Bush Receives Brain".
    • Kerry claiming that Bush is "dumb as a doorknob".
    • Bill Clinton fondling a girl wearing a green bikini and a Statue of Liberty headdress. Hillary then slaps him.
    Bill: What'd I do!?
  • "Good to Be in DC":
    • The newspaper at the beginning: "Country Divided! Liberal Wieners Vs. Right Wing Nut Jobs".
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    • The John Kerry/John Edwards verse:
    Kerry: I'm sensitive, I cannot lie.
    Edwards: I love to hug and kiss this guy.
    Jim McGreevey: Are they gay?
    Kerry: We won't say.
    Edwards: (in bed with Kerry) On our way.
    Kerry: D.C. Land!
    • The vice presidential "debate":
    Edwards: You twit!
    Dick Cheney: (while Flipping the Bird) Eat *@%#!
    Both: That's how we talk in D.C.
    • "Hi, I'm Dan Rather and I approve this message... kinda... sorta, not really."
    • A Vietnam War protester sets herself on fire burning her bra.
    • Bill Clinton hitting on the nurses in the cardiac unitnote .
    Bill: We even did ménage à(Hillary slaps him) What'd I— (Hillary slaps him again)
    • John McCain: "I go both ways in D.C.!"
  • "Big Box Mart":
    • The factory worker's house is loaded with too much clutter from Big Box Mart. When he finally closes the front door, a child flies out of the chimney.
    • The management chainsawing off a multi-box flowchart and replacing it with a single box labeled "cheap foreign labor".
  • "So Long to Ya, 2010" (2010 Year in Review):
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: California just wants to get HIIIIIGH!

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