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Funny / Assassin's Creed: Initiates

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  • When Gavin sends Rebecca and Shaun to be his eyes and ears in America, Rebecca suspects he has some ulterior motives.
    Rebecca: Are we getting kicked off the boat because Shaun keeps puking?
    Gavin: Godspeed, Assassins.
    Shaun: *blorf*
  • The discussion among the Assassin crew of the Altair II about who the leader of the Onmoraki-Gumi is interesting, to say the least:
    Eric Cooper heard that it was a 64-year old woman who killed her own family. Dr. Stephanie Chiu found a tweet that claimed it was a castrated former porn star. Emmett said that if he couldn't find anything about her, she didn't exist, but Emmett was stoned and talking to a lamp.
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  • Philippe Chartrand, one of the memory researchers on the Kenway Line, is stuck having to relive the life of Edward's father, shoveling sheep manure.
  • William trolling the Initiate moles that he was going to kill them only to reveal he was fine with having them around.
    William: You have to let an old man have his fun.

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