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  • The entirety of the video where actresses Rachael Hip-Flores (Vivian) and Jessy Hodges (Sophie) try to find out spoilers about what's going to happen in Season 2 by asking questions of a spy sitting on the other side of the door to Susan Miller's apartment. Special notice must be paid to when Hip-Flores says things might have to "go down" if a proposed Sophie/Aster relationship happens, and the reveal of who the spy actually is: Susan Miller's dog.
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  • This part from the fifth episode where Jonathan, Vivian and Sophie are all late to class:
    (bell rings)
    Jonathan: Fuck!
    Vivian: Shit!
    Sophie: Aw...
  • Vivian and Aster in the beginning of "Welcome to the Party. Now Clean Up The Mess." laying in bed after having sex the night before:
    Aunt Jodie: (knocks on the door) Girls! Breakfast is on!
    Vivian: (shouts) We'll be down in a minute! (normal volume) God, I just had sex in my aunt's house.
    Aster: I know. I was there.
    Vivian: Does it show?
    Aster: Oh, it shows.
  • In "The Things We Know", Vivian calls Aster to tell her that they have the house to themselves and asks how quickly she can get there. Jump Cut to Aster unbuttoning the front of Vivian's shirt.
    Vivian: You don't say "hello" first?
    Aster: (whispers in a sexy voice) Hello. (kisses Vivian)
  • From the season one finale:
    Mrs. Winters: Hey, so listen up. So this morning you'll each be shadowing a reporter. And in the afternoon you'll get to observe the inner workings of the City Desk. (class is silent) Why do you all look like you had a fight with your boyfriend?
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  • Vivian telling Aster about how she came out to Aunt Jodie in "Naming Things".
    Vivian: I told Aunt Jodie.
    Aster: No way! How'd she take it?
    Vivian: Not really sure. She said she wasn't mad but she also seemed like maybe she could be.
    Aster: What did she say?
    Vivian: Nothing really. But she did seem a little freaked when she realized our sleep overs weren't the, "stay up all night talking about boys" kind of sleep over.
    Aster: So I won't pack a bag next time I come to see you.
    Vivian: That's probably a good idea.

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