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Fridge Brilliance

  • When I was a kid, I played The DIG as my first ever PC game, and I was absolutely enraptured by it from top to bottom, beginning to end. But I always became confused why, after reviving Ludger Brink with the Life Crystals, he would become so obsessive to have more of them, at first fascination, then a more possessive need for them, maybe even using them constantly. Over time his eyes would turn so haggard, his skin wrinkled, hands grabby and thin and his self-preservation completely broken. It wasn't until last year that I finally realised what was wrong with him.
    • Brink became a drug addict for a life-reviving crystal, and showed every classic sign of a junkie's downward spiral. - Final Gamer
  • The title is appropriate: you'll be using the shovel a lot, making it the single most useful item in the game. - Doktor Von Eurotrash

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