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Fridge / Supernatural S 03 E 10 Dream A Little Dream Of Me

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  • Fridge Brilliance: The reason why Karen looks different in this episode than she does in Season 5 and Season 7: it's a dream. Even if Bobby still had some pictures of Karen (that Sam and Dean hadn't seen her before even though they've been going to Bobby's house since they were kids, suggests that he doesn't exactly have dozens of them hanging around the house), and even if he could bring himself to look at them regularly enough to remember what she looked like, the Karen in this episode is a dream figure. People rarely see anything clearly in dreams — it is mostly just impressions — and even when they "see" people they know well in real-life, in their dreams, it is as figures they "just know" are those people instead of as clear, distinct, exact versions of the real deal. Dream!Karen looks different from actual!Karen because she is just a vague dream reinterpretation of her.

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