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Fridge Horror

  • A reader pointed out that Olga losing her memories past the age of thirty-four permanently means more than just losing her former identity as Gola. This means she could have possibly had a child or spouse in her previous life that she no longer remembers and never will.
  • Maya's powers, as has been shown, are extremely dangerous, to the point where no character can stop her. She's only made a cadet so the Magellan council can keep an eye on her. Her alternate future self of Miasma showed that she was able to rewrite a person's personal reality into something different and/or turn it into a nightmare that could flat-out kill a person. While Cassie had her punishment coming, and Maya didn't make it permanent even though she threatened to, it's hinted at that Maya could very well become as dangerous a villain as Miasma turned out to be, meaning the Magellan council is basically giving a future villain all the training and tools they'll ever need to evade the heroes forever.

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