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  • Angst? What Angst?: Gola seems to take losing over half her life's worth of memories remarkably well. Even more so after being turned into Olga and losing any chance of getting those memories back permanently, she sees herself instead as a thirty-four year old trapped in a teenage body, which she is excited about, rather than someone who has lost what made them into the person they were.
  • Complete Monster: After his son Brian fused himself with his dog, Professor George Lonsdale tried to replicate what he had done with other animals to find a cure. However, Lonsdale eventually began fusing animals together out of his own scientific curiosity, culminating in him trying to fuse a man with a lizard. When one of his assistants caught him, he fused her with a rat, afterwards proceeding to painfully fuse other humans and animals together. In the comic proper, when some of the fusions threaten to kill his son if he does not cooperate with them, Lonsdale coldly tells them his son is "long dead" to him and unleashes animal fusions to kill them all before trying to flee. Cold-hearted and callous, Lonsdale managed to be more of a monster than the horrific fusions he created.
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  • Designated Hero: Wombat-Man has just enough traits to minimally be called a hero. In his personal life, he's very much a jerk, and the police would have arrested him long ago if they could actually catch him.

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