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  • Angst? What Angst?: Gola seems to take losing over half her life's worth of memories remarkably well. Even more so after being turned into Olga and losing any chance of getting those memories back permanently, she sees herself instead as a thirty-four year old trapped in a teenage body, which she is excited about, rather than someone who has lost what made them into the person they were.
  • Complete Monster: Professor Lonsdale is this in spades. He forcibly turned four people into human/animal/alien monster hybrids in a change that is both completely irreversible and erodes most of their sanity in the name of science. He doesn't even get a moment of Even Evil Has Loved Ones, for he coldly declares Brelvis is not his son, and doesn't care a whit that his actions are so monstrous they later cause his wife to try to commit suicide.
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  • Designated Hero: Wombat-Man has just enough traits to minimally be called a hero. In his personal life, he's very much a jerk, and the police would have arrested him long ago if they could actually catch him.

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