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Fridge / Kaiba

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  • Fridge Brilliance: Chroniko's Death was foreshadowed the moment she made her first appearance She wears a Lamb Hat and her memories were Released from her body in short she was a Sacrificial Lamb.

  • Popo's Villainous breakdown after losing his Mother's Memories near the end of the serious Makes since when you Realize He spent most of his Life hating her For something that wasn't her fault And the moment he finally got her memories back they were permantly taken away from Him why? Because He lost the only chance he had to Apologize to his Mother. Double Fridge Brilliance kicks in when it all Comes together Popo Lost his Mother once and because of his Actions he's Lost her Permanently of Course he went Insane he Knew that everything he had did was Now for Nothing In short He was Punished for playing God.

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