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Fridge / Death of a Salesman

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why is Willy so obsessed with personal attractiveness and thinks it's the key to success? Because he's a salesman, and for salesmen, personal attractiveness IS their bread and butter.
    • ...which adds a metaphor of the title: it's not just WILLY's death, it's the death of his salesman-like ideals! Brilliant!
  • One of the themes of the play is how Willy will oftentimes foist his perceived failings onto his children, seeing them as the ones who will make up for them through their own success, seen in Willy's relationship with Biff and Happy. Now, think about his jealousy regarding Charlie's success, Bernard's success, and his older brother Ben's success and how Happy, the younger brother, decides to stay in New York and "fight the good fight" at the end of the play while Biff decides to leave New York to seek his own fortunes. And now let's remember how Ben left America for years and found his wealth in South America.

    So what's the say, now, that Ben wasn't raised in a similar manner by his father, and he decided to seek his fortune elsewhere, outside of the so-called "American Dream"? And, building on that, what's to say that Ben and Willy's father didn't pass this onto Willy, when he was born, and that's why Ben was, at first, so adamant to give Willy part of his fortune in order to break the cycle!? Essentially, the end of the play is the continuation of the Vicious Cycle, with Ben being represented by Biff and Willy being represented by Happy?