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Drinking Game / The 4400

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  • Take a sip of your drink every time NTAC, the 4400, abilities, "inhibitor", Messiah, Seattle, Promise City, the Nova Group, the Marked or "fifty-fifty" are mentioned. Same with promicin. And if someone injects promicin into themselves or others.
  • Take two sips of your drink every time the show cuts to Tom and/or Diana at the office, a new person with an ability is introduced, April self-deprecates, Alana calls Tom "Thomas", Maia has a vision (or dreams, or thinks or pretends she has a vision), Kyle lies, or Isabelle keeps her head real close to the face of whoever she's talking to.
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  • Take a shot every time someone who was introduced in the same episode you're watching comes in handy for solving whatever problem they're currently having or someone who thinks or thought they didn't have an ability despite being a 4400 or having taken promicin turn out to actually have or develop one.
  • Take three sips every time someone in an official position, be it NTAC, the US government or even The 4400 Center change their mind about something.
    • And another if it's Isabelle.
  • Take a shot whenever The 4400 Center opens or closes, or anyone breaks into (enters without them knowing or approving) it or Promise City.
    • Take another (totalling three) if someone both breaks in and escapes (in either order) during the same episode (be it the same person or not)

Play at your own risk, and please don't do this with several episodes in a row, and do add things to drink to and change amounts (this page was originally created by a teetotaller, so don't hesitate to go down on the amounts very quickly if it's too much, or too complicated to remember for that matter) if you have any ideas or suggestions.


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