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Drinking Game / BioShock

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Take a shot:
  • Whenever someone cries
  • Whenever someone says "Jesus!"
  • Whenever Tennenbaum says "little ones"
  • Whenever Frank Fontaine addresses you as "Kid"
  • Whenever Sander Cohen says "masterpiece"
  • Alternatively, for the strong of heart, whenever Atlas/Fontaine asks you to do anything, drink...would you kindly?
  • Every time you get a new plasmid
  • Every time you get a new weapon
  • Whenever you save a Little Sister
    • Two shots if you harvest one
Finish your drink:
  • Whenever you kill a Big Daddy
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  • Upon encountering a new type of splicer
  • Upon killing a named character
  • Every time you fail a hack
  • Every time you come across a Little Sister draining ADAM from a corpse.

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