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"Come and get it, mook."
Frank Fontaine

"A man chooses, a slave obeys."
Andrew Ryan

"Hurry now! My muse is a fickle bitch with a very short attention span!"

"What can I do with this one, Aphrodite? She WON'T... STAY... STILL! I want to make them beautiful, but they always turn out WRONG! That one... too fat! This one... too tall! This one... too symmetrical! And now... what's this, Goddess? An intruder! He's ugly. Ugly! Ugly! UGLYYYYYYY...!"
Dr. Steinman

"That was bracing. Take a photo of him and place it in the quadtych. (chuckles to himself) Oh, I'm feeling full, like an expectant momma!"
Sander Cohen

"Mr. Bubbles, Mr. Bubbles,
Are you there? Are you there?
Come and bring me lollies...come and bring me toffies...
Teddy bear...teddy bear..."

"So I ask you, my friend, if your life was prized, would you kill the innocent? Would you sacrifice your humanity? We all make choices... but in the end, our choices make us!"
Andrew Ryan from the trailer

"After the last world war, a man had a vision. A vision of a city at the bottom of the sea. In the city, science was unstoppable. Until one day, science couldn't be stopped! Today, mutated survivors roam the corridors as children loot the dead. And now you too are trapped under the ocean. Will you be their savior... or their final victim?"
Andrew Ryan from the trailer

"You know, if I went into a facility or whatever this place is, underground, and saw immediately that said electroshock on it, the last thing I would think of, was to inject myself. What an idiot, he's killed himself. That's it. (Sigh)"
Will of Odysseygamez, playing the demo, watching Jack inject himself with Electro Bolt and falling over the balcony..

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