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Drinking Game / Aye Cash

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Take a drink when

  • Somebody misspells a word
    • Two if its roblox who did it
  • any of the following people get timed out
    • Silver
    • Sillyromy
    • Father Joseph
  • Devyn or Silver gets banned from song requests
  • Foxy uses the Kappa emote
  • Father Joseph says "Thou, Shalt, or Thy"
  • Foxy stops playing in the middle of a game to time someone out
  • Devyn requests a Negativland song
    • Two if its "Christianity is Stupid"
      • Finish the drink if its "Yellow Black and Rectangular"
  • Somebody requests spongebobs pineapple tower
  • When Rapping for Jesus is requested
    • Two if requested by Father Joseph
      • Finish your drink if Cash doesn't notice and it ends up playing and gets skipped
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  • A Christmas song is requested
  • Baby shark is requested
    • Twice if its the Banda version
      • Finish your drink if Eli is there and Cash skips it
  • 7 drinks for every time 7 is said in the chat
  • Something that isn't a song is requested
  • Someone tries to request a blacklisted song

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