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Characters / The Familiars

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    The Prophesized Three 

A trio of familiars foretold to save Vastia from great danger


A streetwise black-and-white alley cat from the Bridgetower who is chosen to be a Jack's familiar. He later finds out that he has telekinetic abilities.

  • I Am Who?: He thought he was an ordinary alley cat from Bridgetower, He had no idea that he was actually born in Maidenmere and had telekinetic abilities.


An intellectual blue jay from the Nearhurst Aviary who can create illusion spells with her wings. She is Dalton's familiar.

  • The Corruptible: She wants to raise her dead sister, and isn't afraid to go to extreme lengths if it means obtaining it, leaving her prey to Paksahara's manipulations. Ultimately, though, she never changes sides.
  • The Smart Girl: Very intelligent and very knowledgeable about magic.


A tree frog who seems like a bumbler but can really come through at hard times. He has the ability to see visions in puddles of water. He is Marianne's familiar.


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