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    Yuzuki Asahina 
The player character. A producer working hard every day to make the I-Chu’s into full-fledged idols. She works as a producer but also as a teacher in the academy.
Yuzuki in her work clothes.

  • Canon Name: Yuzuki Asahina is her set-in-stone name. Should you choose to name her in the beginning, your choice is treated as a nickname.
  • Childhood Friends: Knows Lancelot and Kuro since high school.


F∞F's logo.
  • Pronounced as: Fire Fenix
  • Music Genre: Noble x Idol-like music
  • Artist: マヤルマ
"Blazing flames from the flapping wings of a phoenix!"

Burning Phoenix!
Passionate Noble Idols!An idol group spreading its wings like the Phoenix! A noble route with bright and cheerful songs! The group consists of three members of varying character and age!


  • I Am A Hero!
  • Saite wa Chiru Hana no Youni
  • Masarayasamaraya~ Anata no Mahou De~
  • Viva! Carnival!
  • Icchaisou Dayo
  • We are I★CHU! - F∞F ver.
  • Relief
  • Heibon na Kono Hibi ni Hanataba wo
  • We are HEROES!!!

Trope that applies to the Unit:

Seiya Aido
America's JPN Jr. / Japanese Samurai I-Chu!
  • Age 17
  • Blood Type O
  • Birthday December 24th
  • Height 5'10" or 178 cm
  • Weight 63 kg

"I’m going to become a Japanese Idol Star, I’m Aido Seiya!"

Voiced by: KENN

Born to a Japanese mother, and an American father, he was raised in America, and came to Japan when he was in Elementary. He and Noah are Childhood Friends. He's cheerful and positive, and came to Etoile Vio School to chase after his idol, Tsubaki Rindo.


Akira Mitsurugi
Rising Model Mr. Stoic / The I-Chu That Charms You With His Walk!
  • Age 21
  • Blood Type A
  • Birthday August 31st
  • Height 6'0" or 183 cm
  • Weight 68 kg

"Because I'm older than Seiya and Kanata, I act like their guardian."

Voiced by: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Originally a model, he was scouted by the academy to become an idol. A big brother-type of person, he constantly appears cool-headed and calm.


Kanata Minato
The pure boy with a cute smile! / An I-Chu that skips and jumps with his rabbit!
  • Age 15
  • Blood Type AB
  • Birthday March 14th
  • Height 5'4" or 162 cm
  • Weight 49 kg

"This rabbit is called 'RabiRabi', ehehe!"

Voiced by: Yuichi Iguchi

He used to work as an iKid at the same company that owns the school, but after a certain incident, he had to quit. Kanata didn't have much confidence becoming an I-Chu at first, until he was reassured by Seiya. A cheerful boy with a talent for dancing, he's also very compassionate. He's a bit of an oddball, as he's very attached to his stuffed rabbit doll.


    Twinkle Bell 
  • Pronounced as: Twinkle Bell
  • Music Genre: Techno x Attention-drawing music
  • Artist: しヴぇ
"Two hearts playing the bell as one!"

The 'techno' unit (well, as techno as a vocal song can be). Twinkle Bell has the smallest amount of members (not counting old Pop'n Star before the addition of Runa Kagurazaka, and Momosuke Oikawa); at 2, with the prank-loving Kururugi twin, Satsuki and Mutsuki. They're in the 3rd Generation.


  • Miracle ☆ Twinkle
  • Just One Kiss
  • Chacha meccha I love you
  • Mechanical ☆ Love
  • Funk-a-beat

Trope that applies to the Unit:

  • Identical Twins: Satsuki and Mutsuki aren't exact clones of each other, but the two both really love pranks, even if Mutsuki is better at hiding it with his constant sleepiness.
  • Intercourse with You: Pretty much all their songs, besides Miracle Twinkle.
  • Silly Love Songs: Likes this trope even more than F∞F.
  • Techno: Mixed with Pop.
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: Just One Kiss. While Twinkle Bell's songs are normally upbeat (with questionable lyrics), Just One Kiss is a slow, dark song.
    • Miracle Twinkle sings about teamwork between the twins. Other songs... well...
  • Trickster Twins: If I-Chu was more popular, these two might as well become the poster boys at this point.
    • Mutsuki is downplayed somewhat compared to Satsuki, as he's more likely to be asleep.

Satsuki Kururugi
The prank devil twin / The lively gamer I-Chu!
  • Age 16
  • Blood Type B
  • Birthday January 1st
  • Height 5'8" or 172 cm
  • Weight 54 kg

"Tone down my mischief? Ah, that’s impossible! It's my reason for living!"

Voiced by: Showtaro Morikubo

Mutsuki's younger twin. He is a bit attached to his brother. He's surprisingly honest and forward with his feelings, so he can be really blunt or rude sometimes. He tries to play the pranks on the producer, but it's rare she actually falls for them. He became an idol to find fans that'd love to be pranked by him.


Mutsuki Kururugi
The sleeping prince Twin! / The I-Chu that sleeps for 10 hours!
  • Age 16
  • Blood Type B
  • Birthday January 1st
  • Height 5'8" or 172 cm
  • Weight 53 kg

"My dream? To be taking naps in the dream world for~ever...zzz...zzz..."

Voiced by: Takashi Kondō

Satsuki's older twin. He has always had a poor constitution, so he used to have only Satsuki to play with back in his childhood. Up to this day, he regularly takes naps. He only became an idol because Satsuki wanted to. Although he appears constantly sleepy, he's just as mischievous as Satsuki sometimes. He doesn't stop his brother from playing pranks, because he thinks Satsuki's pranks are cute.


  • Pronounced as: Ai Bee
  • Music Genre: Band x Refreshing music
  • Artist: おかざきおか
"International boys band!"

I♥B is a 5-members band, consisting of boys all from different countries: Noah, Leon, Lucas, Rabi, and Chaoyang. They met through social network, and came to Etoile Vio Academy as a band. They play band music, with mostly refreshing sounds. They are in third generation.


  • Fly, Fly
  • Dear My Precious Friend
  • My destiny
  • Mirai Fantasista
  • Shinkai Mermaid

Tropes that applies to the Unit:

  • Boy Band
  • Five-Man Band: Literally, and also figuratively:
    • The Leader: Noah. No questions asked.
    • The Lancer: Lucas. He composes the melody, and his personality is the most Lancer-like.
    • The Smart Guy: Chaoyang.
    • The Big Guy: Leon, even though he's the other guitarist. He doesn't look it, but for god's sake, he punched the principal in the face.
    • The Chick: Rabi is the drummer and he's definitely strong enough to fit into the Big Guy, but he's also the one calming down Noah, and breaking up Lucas and Leon's fights.
  • Motor Mouth: Courtesy of Lucas in My Destiny.
  • Music for Courage: This band really loves this trope.
    • Run on through (oh) run on through (oh) / Only the chosen ones can take it in hand / The fragments of the dream / Hold onto them, rock the goal
    • No matter what happens, everything'll be fine; / There's no need to worry / Even if the world ended today / So what? We'll still be alright
  • Spoken Word in Music: In My Destiny.

The royal prince from America! / The handsome, two-faced I-Chu!
  • Age 17
  • Blood Type B
  • Birthday March 10th
  • Height 5'9" or 175 cm
  • Weight 58 kg

"My grandfather taught me how to play the guitar. After that, I learned all sorts of songs."

Voiced by: Hanae Natsuki

Seiya's Childhood Friends back in America. The two used to play in the rye fields in the countryside, after Seiya 'rescued' him from his mansion while thinking he was a girl. He has a princely aura, and is very intimidating when angered. He's one of the guitarist, besides Leon.


An overly serious Frenchman?! / A lone wolf, I-Chu's aloof bassist!
  • Age 17
  • Blood Type A
  • Birthday April 8th
  • Height 5'11" or 180 cm
  • Weight 64 kg

"I couldn't care less about being an idol. I'm carving my own path in life."

Voiced by: Umehara Yuuichirou

I♥B's bassist from France. His mother is dead, and his dad wasn't exactly excellent as a parent, so he mostly grew up with his grandparents. As a result, he is a cold, and unfriendly man. He often bickers with Leon, the band's left-handed guitarist, because the other is a 'player' in Lucas's eyes, and he really hates that sort of people. He's not interested in becoming an idol, he only wants to 'beat someone'.


Born in England, the country of gentlemen! / I-Chu's little rascal!
  • Age 17
  • Blood Type A
  • Birthday October 1st
  • Height 5'9" or 176 cm
  • Weight 59 kg

"Since England has so many tourism sites, I get to meet girls from other countries!"

Voiced by: Toshiki Masuda

The left-handed guitarist of the band. A flirtatious, energetic boy from England. He loves greeting cute girls he see, because it was taught as good manners back in his country. Due to his love of burgers, he's often thought as American from time to time, much to his chagrin. Due to their differing personalities, he and Lucas bickers a lot.


     Ar S 


  • Te Wo Nobase!
  • Chotto Matte yo Give Me A Break!
  • Very Very Itoshii Hito
  • Star light trip
  • Here We Go

Trope that applies to the Unit:

Torahiko Kusakabe

Raku Wakaoji

Hikaru Orihara

Kyousuke Momoi

Akio Tobikura

Shiki Amabe



  • Joker Dream
  • Sayonara Memories
  • Orange Peel to Koi no Aji
  • Happy Birth Day to us!
  • Aozora Escape

Trope that applies to the Unit:

Kokoro Hanabusa

Momosuke Oikawa

Runa Kagurazaka




  • Kakko tsukanai ze
  • Sadistic romantic
  • Warukunaize Easy Days
  • 100 Man Doru no Suriru
  • Girigiri no shoudou

Trope that applies to the Unit:

Issei Todoroki

Futami Akabane

Takamichi Sanzenin

  • Dark Night Cat
  • Lady Blood
  • Uragiri no Kajitsu
  • Swinging Halloween

Trope that applies to the Unit:

Bloody Master/Eva Armstrong

Guilty Clown/Ban Jumonji

Death Chronos/Mio Yamanobe

    Tenjou Tenge 


  • Kachou Fuugetsu
  • Hokori Takaki Aru Tame ni
  • Izayoi no Sora
  • Hana to chiruran

Trope that applies to the Unit:

Tsubaki Rindou

Toya Hoonoki

Tatsumi Madarao

Aoi Kakitsubata



  • Never Over
  • Dennou Matrix
  • Kanashii Ame

Trope that applies to the Unit:

Kuro Yakaku

Saku Uruha



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