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Dawn Summers survives the events of Buffy Season 5, and two years later finds herself slipping between dimensions and landing in the Gateroom of the SGC. Though she has no aspirations of being any sort of Action Girl, she nevertheless is pulled into the events surrounding the operations of Earth's Stargate in general, and the adventures of the SG:1 team in particular.

  • Conditional Powers: Dawn is always the Key, wherever she is, but the ability to unlock distance (aka 'Teleport') hinges on being within the volume of space that contains/is distorted by the Stargate; roughly a 240 mile circle centered on Cheyanne Mountain. Outside of that zone, she has to walk, just like everybody else.

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  • Mr. Vice Guy: Greed is a big one for her; she sees nothing wrong with taking anything that isn't nailed down, if it's shiny or valuable. Likewise, she's never met a mirror she didn't like, being enormously vain. Seems to consider her hotness a superpower right alongside her Teleportation and Unlocking abilities.

  • Rapunzel Hair: Dawn apparently continued to grow her hair out after Buffy's death, as it is now well past her hips, and she devotes a lot of time and energy to caring for it. It's striking enough that it's the first thing Jack notices about her, and Daniel notes it as he's assembling an mental profile of the mysterious intruder.

  • She's All Grown Up: Though she was already quite pretty as a young teen, Dawn has come along nicely in the two years or so since the end of Buffy Season Five, and is acknowledged by most (though not all) of the characters as being legitimately gorgeous.
    • Though by chapter 5, we learn that her appearance is shifting verrrrrrrrrrry slowly into something closer to Buffy's appearance, since she is, in effect, a mystical clone of her sister. Dawn doesn't seem too troubled by this, as Buffy was quite beautiful in her own right (though as she continues to lose height over a period of months she does hope that she doesn't end up as short as Buffy... or even shorter).


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