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  • Live shows tend to be a source of this:
    • The live version of "They Return To Their Earth" from As The World Disappears and the expanded version of Thunder-Perfect Mind. The applause at the end was well-warranted.
    • "Good Morning, Great Moloch," as it appeared on Halo.
  • "Not Because The Fox Barks", the climax to "Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain". A masterful build gives way to searing, hard driving rock music with loads of noise, maintaining its intensity to the end.
  • From Black Ships Ate The Sky:
    • Anhoni proves herself to be the album's Ensemble Dark Horse—in both of her moments alone, she is an expert Self-Backing Vocalist, and "The Beautiful Dancing Dust" gives us a brief example of her evocative piano work.
    • Shirley Collins is nothing to sneeze at herself. Her plainly sung, yet stately rewrite of "Idumaea" succinctly summarizes the album's themes without stating them outright.
  • "Tamlin" off the eponymous EP. It builds slowly and subtly to an utterly intense climax—with the only major change in the music being a steady drone in the background.
  • The title track of "Sleep Has His House" is one of the most beautiful, heavenly pieces of music that David Tibet and co. have ever recorded, despite only having two things: a organ and a voice. It also manages to be an epic Tear Jerker all the way through.
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  • "The Seven Seals" from the Lucifer Over London EP is hauntingly beautiful in spite of its disturbing apocalyptic imagery. The repetitive guitar strumming evokes a trance-like states that perfectly suits Tibet's lurid, psychedelic imagery. The calm, consistent instrumentation and reverb-drenched effects give the song a strangely tranquil atmosphere, like this is the rare Current 93 apocalypse that actually feels like a positive, transformative development (even though what's being described is urine raining from the heavens and the gods wrecking havoc on humanity, among other things).

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