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Awesome / The Chessgame Of The Gods

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    The Chessverse as a whole 
  • The fact that this universe exists. One fic, which inspired a second fic, which led to a crossover between the fics...which led to the creation of the several fics, all set in the same universe, that we know of.

    Griffin the Griffin 
  • Griffin, just shortly after arriving in Equestria, kills a black dragon. And then he rips off one of its scales and makes a sword from it. Keep in mind he's just arrived and has yet to assemble his army or arsenal.
  • Griffin and Gilda casually come up with the idea to form an army and free the slave griffins and ponies from the Diamond Dogs. Less than a year later, they've assembled this army, become famous pirates, saved several lives, and formed a new island colony. All this started from two lowly griffins with no resources aside from their brains and what they found.
  • The fight with Ember the Dragon. The second one, specifically, even if it ends badly for Griffin.

    From Nobody to Knightmare 
  • Just the sheer idea of Knightmare defeating his foes through, basically, dancing.
  • Also the fact that he beat Queen Chrysalis, his ruler, when his type of Changeling is supposed to be for nothing other than essentially being a sex toy.

    To Err is Equine 

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