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Beware of unmarked spoilers.

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  • The introduction to Future Step, making Rythin one of the ten lucky holders of a unique skill.
  • At the end of Nightblade, Nick overcomes Kayaba's paralysis after witnessing the death of Asuna and the demoralization of Kirito. He then attempts to kill Kayaba by forcing Kayaba's attention of his knife, then doing the unexpected and clapping. This fails to work, however, but we only learn why it didn't work at the end of Viper's Bite, where Lovro reveals that the target has to know how it feels to confront death. Kayaba, obviously, doesn't know such a feeling.

    Nightblade II - Wings of Vengeance 
  • The entirety of Nick's last rant towards Sugou.
    Nick: But you forgot one cruial fact. You hurt my friends. And for that, you have to pay the price.

    Nightblade III - Defining Strength 
  • The first ALO fight between Sinon and Rythin.
  • The fight against Red-Eyed XaXa, also known as Sterben.
  • The fight between Rythin and Yuuki during the ALO Swordsmen Tournament.

    Nightblade IV - Book I - Viper's Bite 

    Nightblade IV - Book II - Viper's Kiss 
  • When Karasuma and Korosensei face off against The Reaper.
  • How Asuna and Kana slipped through the security of the Ocean Turtle.

    Nightblade Sidequests 
  • Practically all of the chapter "Mercenary's Code".

    Nightblade - Brave Song 
  • How Nick manages to beat the memory scan following death in Ordinal Scale.
    Nick: I know how it works, you idiot. The memory scan. So it only took the memories of how much I really, really want to kill you.
  • Rythin being reunited with his gear from Sword Art Online, and the titular Nightblade.
    Rythin: Kirito, your kid is awesome.


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