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  • As depressing as it is to watch the remains of our civilization collapse, it's a testament to the power of nature and how quickly it reestablishes itself. It took us 10,000 years to conquer the world, and it takes even less for the natural world to make a comeback.
    • After all the damage we've caused to the ocean, it only takes 300 years for it to revert back to its pre-human state.
    • As bad as the nuclear and chemical disasters caused by our disappearance are, nature buries our pollution and builds new ecosystems over it in a few millennia.
  • Some of our animals do very well for themselves.
    • The pets of world leaders, like the Queen's corgis or Obama's dog Bo, not only survive but thrive in their new environments.
    • Anatolian Sheep Dogs stand vigilant over their flocks for centuries.
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    • Domestic cats gradually evolve to fill new niches, growing larger in areas with no big cat populations. There's even speculation that in the vertical environments of abandoned skyscrapers, they could evolve into something similar to flying squirrels.
    • Elephants easily break out of their confinement, creating new populations in North America and Europe.
  • One of humanity's greatest achievements after we vanish? Giving life to Saturn's moon Enceladus.
  • A Real Life example could go to the Tarpon at the New Orleans Aquarium. When Hurricane Katrina hit the city, the staff had to evacuate and power to the aquarium failed, leading to the tanks filling with waste. The Tarpon has the ability to breathe both water and air, which saved it as all the other water-breathers asphyxiated. When the staff finally returned, it gave them a well-deserved surprise.

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