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Awesome / Fahrenheit

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Lucas Kane

  • At the flashback of his childhood, he saved three kids from getting killed in a military hangar. However, it depends if you save them or not.
  • Some of his fights can be Moment of Awesome, but his fight with the Oracle in the final chapter is the most awesome of all his fights.
    • Specifically, the fight on the rooftop. The very final fight was a bit... anticlimactic for some.
  • His escape from the police after they corner him outside his apartment.
  • Saving the drowning child in spite of being in sight of the police he's trying to hide from. After the incident, he finds himself face-to-face with an officer who stares at him for a long moment and says nothing.

Carla Valenti

  • Escaping from the inmates after a blackout in an asylum.

Tyler Miles

  • Beating Jeffrey in a game of basketball.


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