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Live Blog Ctrl-Alt-Delet this. A quick look at the CAD animated series.
CyberController2017-07-22 14:14:43

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Television Dominance

So, let's start out.

We first see our hero playing a game at work. Somebody comes up to him and and asks him if his PS2 plays Xbox games. Ethan responds by sarcastically insulting the customer's intelligence. Dude, come on. He's asking a honest question. Frustrated, the customer leaves, and Ethan continues mocking him.

So, the point of a first episode is to introduce the characters basic personality traits. We learn....that Ethan is an asshole to his customers. Not a good way of introducing him.

We then hear the intro. Generic rock music, not much to say.

Ethan comes home, seeing Lucas playing a game. After Lucas asks him how he spent his paycheck, Ethan says he would spend all his money on games, if not for rent food and clothing. Wait, this show is for gamers, isn't it? Cause this suggests that all gamers are addicts, which is a negative stereotype. Not helping is that Lucas says that Ethan spends his time at work playing games as well, and Ethan admits that.

Ethan wants to play Fight Night, while Lucas is playing Dead or Alive. Lucas refuses, so Ethan goes in his room with Lilah. Lilah suggests a movie. Ethan wonders if he can hook up a video game system. Lilah tells him what should be obvious.

"Then I'll have to devise an elaborate plan, to get Lucas out of the living room". Or play a PC game, or a portable game? You were doing the latter earlier.

Ethan walks into the living room, wearing some wings. He says he's learning how to fly. Lucas panics, and walks outside. He sees Ethan falling. But it's just a dummy, unfortunately.

Ethan gets on the game console, but is interrupted by Lucas. Lucas glues his hand to the doorknob. We get to see Ethan marrying a windows box. Because I really wanted to see him wearing a bridal outfit. Anyway, can we talk about the voice acting? It's pretty poor. Ethan is supposed to sound angry, but he just sounds mildly annoyed.

We get some slapstick. Ethan puts a rope onto a leg of the couch, and then gets Zeke to pull it, but is crushed. This would be funnier if the animation wasn't beneath The Legend of Zelda CD-i Games level. Lucas distracts Ethan with some porn magazines. It was funnier in Metal Gear. Oh, and Ethan gets a knife, and tries to fucking murder Lucas. He gets trapped in a rope, and Lucas and Ethan agree to a co-op game.

Lilah comes, and asks to play Halo. Credits roll. I just hope the people here keep it off their resume.

Hmmm, this was a bad experience. The main character is a selfish, asshole manchild. The animation is terrible. (Keep in mind Blind Ferret wanted people to pay for these, and it's worse than animation you can find for free.) The facial expressions and movement are all on model, which doesn't work for a "zany" series. And it's only the first episode. Dear god.


Jul 22nd 2017 at 6:07:00 PM
Oh, geez. This is like a concentrated dose of all the worst bits of zany nerd comedy.