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Live Blog A Liveblogging Noob Reads: Paranatural
Weirdguy1492015-04-14 16:46:02

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Hello, I'm the 149th Weird Guy. Don't wear it out. I decided to read this webcomic after an excellent story in Paradox Space with Zack Morrison as the designer. Literally the only thing I know about this is the designer/author and title. Without further ado, here goes.

Chapter 1: The Activity Club And The New Kid

Sure is a lot of odd geography and ugly monsters here. Ooh, and alt text, cool. So a guy named Max goes to Mayview and weird stuff happens.


Here we meet a gloomy Gus who's the Max guy I heard about, an Adorkable father who's shirt betrays his good mood, and a rather cute little girl who I can only assume is Max's sister.

Their new Mayview home is a very blocky store. While I don't blame Max for his anger about this, I think he should've at least gone inside before blowing up at his dad over it.


The dad's dramatic about his hometown, Max is very aggressive in his sarcasm, and the girl (Zoey) seems to be the only sane one in this trio. I'm not sure which one I like most here.


Suddenly, color and beautiful geography. The dad's a ham but his heart sure is in the right place. I think I'm starting to like him the most.


I have a bad feeling about what's behind that door. Also, Max has a bad case of eyeshadow. Must be from the grumpiness.


You know, I just realized. Why would a town full of friendly people allow people to live in a grocery store?

Also, that noodle dance.


Wow, they have a more expansive bedroom than I thought. Max is a grump and Zoey continues to be the most adorable person in the family.


Aw... I really hope that their mother isn't dead. I also hope that Max's room doesn't have Creepers in it.


Pizza: the one thing all family members enjoy.


With that combat roll, Max, I'm sure you'll be able to kick that Creeper's ass.


Oh no, don't pick up the phone and text back! That's a classic monster move!


Dad's a manchild. Still like him though. And I told you, Max!


Oh god, not a Creeper. That's a ghost kid.

I think that's a good time to end it. Tomorrow, I will continue.


Apr 14th 2015 at 8:19:29 PM
Keep checking for alt text! It occurs sporadically in the first chapter, but becomes a regular thing after that.