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Live Blog Ryochi plays Super Smash Flash 2
RyochiMayeabara2014-12-14 21:03:46

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Chapter 1: Mechanics

This is my new super smash flash 2 blog. I promise I will update my Korra blog (for anyone who cares) but for now this is some thing I want to talk about as well.

In this blog, I will discuss mechanics, characters, tier lists, heck whatever has to do with this game.

So enjoy. -

(Version 9 with latest patches)

Alright, Mechanics.

First off, let me say that I am a competitive player in this game not a casual. But I'm not one of those douchebag stuck up competitives either. I can deal with items in this game if the player wishes. Since after all, this game is supposed to be fun right?

But I need to start with this, how can a game that aspires to be basically a fangame of smash, get some simple mechanics wrong..... . . . ..still here? Ok let me explain.

Dodge Rolling: One of the many things that Flash gets wrong is dodge rolling. Ok let me explain. I know the difference between rolling INTO an attack and getting hit with a smash attack MID-ROLL. This costed me so many online matches which I felt was completely unfair and didn't make much sense. Heck the dodging mechanic as a whole is broken to an extent. Don't believe me? Ok, try using the Mariachi band trophy summon (the one that forces you to taunt constantly) and just continue rolling over and over and over. I think you will notice that you won't be affected.

Spiking: Overpowered as hell in this game. Some of them can KO at 0% (*cough* Ness, Peach. We'll get to them later) if you are off the stage. Peach's down tilt can apparently spike which doesn't make too much sense to me (heck all of her attacks are ridiculously strong in my opinion), Captain Falcon has TWO spikes which can both KO instantly (one you can recover from but you have to be at a low enough percentage), and Ness.....Ness's can KO regardless of how big the stage is (I spiked captain falcon on the Temple stage. The biggest stage in the game.)

Combos: Some are passable, some are just broken. The wall combos are just broken as hell (No explanation needed just try them) and so is the dash spamming. Yes, dash spamming. Which means spamming dash over and over until you get an air combo to build up damage. I wouldn't be having too much a problem with this if the dodge rolls weren't so inconsistent with if they work or not. I understand its trying to go into its competitive side, but some of these combos are just unfair and broken (Ness combo: up smash—->up smash——>up grab—->down smash—->up smash—->up smash—->down smash——>up smash—->back grab (or up air). If pulled correctly, its an instant KO. =))

Don't get me wrong, I like that you can pull of great combos in this game, believe me I do. But some are just unfair and that's mostly because of the (once again) inconsistent dodge mechanic (call me out on this if I am wrong but I get caught so many times in mid-dodge that I feel that its unfair). But maybe that could be the point *shrugs*.

So anyways, that's all I really find wrong with this game in terms of mechanics. Now what does it get right?

Combos: Yeah read above paragraph (the shitty shitty paragraph). I like the amount of combo potential that this game has (especially Ness, Zelda, and Sora...dear god Sora). It gives it a real competitive feel (even with its problems) while also catering to the casuals.

Smash Attacks: Work fine in this game and some are just beautifully fluid in this game. Especially Link and Mario (Love his redesign). Link's redesign looks great and makes the previous one look like trash. And all of his attacks are way more fluid than the previous one and yeah. I just really like how the smash attacks work in this game.

Special Moves: They work reasonably well actually. Yes some were unfair (key word: WERE) before but I think they were all fixed and work fine......except for Link's Bomb Arrow. That thing has a huge hitbox and goes ridiculously fast. I really don't get the addition....but that doesn't keep me from using it!

Recoveries: MUCH BETTER. In this game, especially Sora. Sora's recovery is much better than in the previous versions (remember that glide he had? Yeah thank goodness that's gone). Though I wish some characters didn't feel too much like a brick but that's just a minor gripe.

Faithfulness to the source material: Surprisingly faithful for the original characters and their mechanics. Except for Link's bomb arrow they have similar mechanics and similar movesets. Some may have different effects but they work rather fine.

Overall: The Mechanics have their problems but I still like them. But what I think needs work is the dodging system (could be wrong) and the spiking (especially this. K Oing at 0% is ridiculous and I can't see it as a fair mechanic for stuff like tournaments and competitive play. Casuals will have a good laugh though). But overall, its a rather good smash fangame for what it is even though it needs a lot of work and is far from finished.

Now for the next few chapters...I will discuss characters.

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