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Live Blog Ryochi's Skyrim blog (and anything else Elder Scrolls related if I happen to get to it)...
RyochiMayeabara2014-09-18 15:53:01

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Blog 1: First impressions and most recent quest and adventure...

Hi, my name is Ryochi Mayeabara and I will be blogging about....oh fuck it. You guys can read.

So I've been playing Skyrim and I'd like to share my current impressions on it.


  • Great combat system
  • Great magic system (and no overpowered spell mixing bullshit)
  • The world is interesting and full of lore
  • Quests (well the longer ones) are interesting and diverse
  • Characters are great

Cons (and what personally bothers me):

  • How many times do I have to hear "Never should have come here" from an enemy before it sorta makes me want to mute the TV. There are many other phrases that make me sick too in this game...
  • Skyrim crashed....quite a few times on my first few days of playing it

...that's about it for my impressions...

Now for my most recent quest(since I played the game long before I made this blog)....

Companion Quest: The Silver Hand (unfinished)

As my character (Romulous) was walking in the Companion's headquarters in his badass set of Thalmor armor (with Lydia as his follower), one of the Companions basically said:

"Hey, Skjor wants to talk to you."

I said...I mean...Romulous said "Sure." And snuck to his objective (while stealing an elven bow for Lydia in the process).

When we finally reached Skjor (woke him up while he was sleeping), he said to meet him at the Underforge at night.....

(*this means that this is my personal reaction while playing on the controller....yes I am semi-roleplaying....I put the semi in because its supposed to share my thoughts)

  • Dude you were just freaking sleeping and it's dark outside already sooo......I'll follow you instead

Romulous then decide to walk with Skjor in a naturally slow pace. I'm sure that if he was a real person, he and I would simultaneously think:

  • This guy is so slow. Why is it that when every time an NPC walks, its usually slow as molasses. Seriously, I could cook a hot pocket faster than these people can walk.

After Romulous and Skjor finally reach the Underforge, he opens some secret passage leading to....a werewolf ritual (as Skjor explains to me)

  • I really want to be a werewolf? Nah, maybe later (Stupid choice. Will correct that soon)

Romulous declines to be a werewolf and walks out of the Underforge.....only to be met with a dragon.

  • Dragon?! Now?! Shit! Where's Lydia when I need her? Maybe if I use my bow....

Romulous burns.

  • How the hell did it take me down in one fire breath? Oh yeah, Expert mode. (Seriously, Lydia could take on a bunch of enemies by herself since I gave her the Axe of Whiterun and the Elven bow. Where. The. Hell. Is. She!?

After effectively respawning on the same spot where I saw the dragon taking my time to gracefully take down the dragon with my bare hands and take down a possessed deer, Romulous warped to Whiterun (You thought he was going to walk there?) and found Lydia waiting for her at Whiterun.

  • *upon seeing Lydia* What.

Romulous and Lydia then took some time to find that Redguard woman in Whiterun,

  • How the fuck am I supposed to know who the Redguard woman is, when the only redguard woman in Whiterun apparently doesn't have any dialouge options for her?

Give a sword to the Whiterun amabassador (made from his daughter),

  • 20 GOLD!? For taking the time to give you a staff from your daughter? Fine, be that way. *walks away* Ungrateful bastard.

and watching Lydia solo bandits (remember, on expert mode).

  • *while watching Lydia* Why am I even here?

I thought it was fun...except for the long walk with Skjor.

The dragon showing up out of nowhere was....well intense. I was warned about it but I didn't think they would LITERALLY come out of hiding at random (Plus, for creatures that want to destroy Skyrim (I'm assuming that's what they want) they sure are pretty bad at it if they are going to attack me one by one. Why don't they all attack at once as a single force of destruction.)

But no need to worry, cause that was child's play.

Oh, and why the hell do the followers not appear right next to you after you enter a certain building and then leave? Just a simple annoying thing that bothers me.

Now here are my thoughts on the few short things I did:

Redguard Woman quest (Would look up name but I don't really want spoilers): If the only Redguard woman in Whiterun isn't the one they are looking for...THEN WHO THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO FIND?!

Giving the sword to Whiterun ambassador: Seriously dude? 20 gold? TWENTY GOLD?! What the hell am I supposed to buy with this? I believe this sword costs more than 20 gold. I admit though that it could have been much, much worse if this was the Elder Scrolls Online.

Fighting bandits: Maybe I made Lydia a bit too powerful. Whatever, at least she's more useful than that Companion follower I got while doing the Proving Honor quest (The dude kept dying on me and he could turn into a freaking werewolf. He sometimes even blew my cover while we were sneaking and got caught in traps easily.).

So basically let's break this down:

What I liked while playing:

  • Werewolves are in Skyrim apparently
  • Dragons showing up out of nowhere? Ok.
  • You have the option to try to keep your follower from being dead weight

What I didn't like while playing:

  • Redguard woman quest....hours of running around Whiterun like an idiot
  • Followers can be so strong that you may not even have to fight sometimes
  • Skjor walks freaking slow

Just for Fun nitpicks:

  • Whatever Dragon Commander (or whatever) thinks that they can destroy Skyrim by attacking with other Dragons one by one, needs to be executed on the spot.
  • Umm....possessed deer?

Thanks for reading (if anyone read that is, if not then I'll just sound like an idiot) and until next time.

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