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Live Blog Love Will Thaw A Frozen Heart
elsathesnowqueen2014-06-26 13:42:22

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You probably have one question: Why are you doing this?

I have one answer: You shouldn't care.

Yes, that's kinda rude, I know, but Frozen is my ALL TIME FAVE movie, and I can't help this. Okay? Good. Glad that's over with.

Okay, now, this movie confused me when I first heard of it. Seriously. And when I first saw it, I had no clue who the villan was, or if there even WAS a villan. No clue. But still I was in love with it. Some parts I almost cried in the theater, others, I was clamping my mouth shut to keep from laughing. Some parts were adorable, too! BTW: I didn't even notice Rapunzel and Flynn in Frozen untill the second time I saw it. My neibor was over (she's a HUGE Frozen fan too,) and she looked so suprised. For pete's sake, I almost FAINTED. My brother insits Elsa is the villan, but I think its Hans. No offence to those who don't agree. It's just, he BETRAYED Anna, and TRICKED her that he 'loved her.' I think he was a jerk to Anna, and I ain't changing my mind.

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